Hello, I’m an artist and web developer.  I grew up in Michigan, studied Philosophy at St. John’s College in Annapolis, then East-West Psychology at CIIS in San Francisco.  I’ve spent most of my career on the West Coast and now am exploring the East Coast again.


I grew up with the internet and learned web development as it developed.  I was a bit of a computer nerd growing up and made websites all along.  But when I graduated college, I wanted to become an artist and didn’t consider web development as a career.  That only came into my life when I started to explore dreams as a source of art.  I started researching dreams and dream-like experiences online and became inspired by the idea to collect and analyze them.  I learned software engineering on my own, then got an internship at Goodreads.com, and have been learning ever since (most recently course work in Software Product Management and Cloud Solutions Architecture).  My interest in dreams on the web is now NORD, the Non-Ordinary Reality Database, which is uses Node.js, ElasticSearch, DynamoDB, WordPress Multisite, and a variety of other technologies.

I like working with small companies, individuals, and start-ups to produce web experiences in the content management, ecommerce, or data visualization fields.



I have a daily art practice of landscape painting, sculpture making, illustration, or music.

Art started with my family, my mother and father, and both grandmothers were artists.

My study of art has been eclectic. I read the art histories in my high school library, then took one painting class in college. I interned at the Smithsonian Institutional Archives, working with a database of architectural history and daily visited the national museums.

At St John’s College, I studied William Blake. As a matter of happenstance, my own Blake-inspired oil paintings were exhibited at the Mitchell Gallery along side Blake illustrations. I work my senior thesis on Kandinsky’s On the Spiritual in Art.

I began landscape painting in rural Georgia. I held a year long fellowship managing a non-profit art gallery. We exhibited several professional plein air artists and hosted workshops.

When I moved to San Francisco, I encountered Shambhala Buddhism and Ikebana. I practiced Ikebana with Alice Tarkeshi for 4 years, during which I completed Shambhala Contemplatives Arts training. At the same time, I earned a MA in Psychology from CIIS, during which I explored social group contemplative creative experiences using sound, mandala, mask, and object arrangement. I applied these learnings through my Oakland based art gallery, The Asclepion.