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Have you ever been in nature and been overwhelmed by all the quite events of the forest or field?  How the light falls through the trees, with new leaves vibrant green, and makes you remember all the other quite little moments you’ve had in the forest, perhaps with people you love, feeling at piece?  Can you recall those moments where you’ve forgotten that you’re you, that humans walk with shoes through boxes to make a living, where you’ve forgotten that you’re supposed to be a separate being? And all of a sudden, you feel like a part of nature and all of nature at once?

I paint for moments like this.  I share my paintings so that you can invite moments like these, a direct connection with nature, into your everyday life.  A lot of people say that they start to really appreciate my paintings only after sitting with them a while. They say that they like them at first impression, but that the painting started to reveal itself to them only after they’ve settled with it in their space.  It make sense that it takes a while for my paintings to reveal themselves because that’s how I experience nature, it’s like getting to know someone.

People often buy my work because of their connection with the place, but they also often buy it because of how it makes them feel.  They report a sense of connection with place and nature. I paint all around the US, so check out my Etsy listings, I have them organized by place. Sometimes a painting will call to a person and they just have to have it, when this happens, I like to do what I can to make that happen.  I don’t list everything I’ve made so if you’ve seen a work that’s not listed, but you feel the connection, email me and I’ll try to track it down.

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