Pricing and Purchase Info

You can buy my work through Etsy or contact me for works not listed.  My work is priced based on size, which stands in for time. The amount is comes from a calculation based materials, expenses, and a liveable hourly rate.  My prices are the same whether I sell them directly or through an event or gallery. When a painting calls to you, I often consider trade.

Oil painting

  • 5×7 $100
  • 9×12 $200
  • 9×18 $250
  • 11×14 $300
  • 18×24 $400

I want to you love your landscape painting and feel a connection with that place.  If you end up feeling more connected with another work, let me know within 30 days, and I’ll work with you to find the painting that speaks to you and exchange it with you if you pay for the additional shipping.

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I consider commission work, generally landscapes or portraits, including pet portraits.  My commission rates are based on pricing formula (based on size of painting and time). The price starts at $300 (even for smaller sizes) because I spend time interviewing you, collecting materials and inspiration, and producing studies.  

I generally accept commissions when the work aligns when I can make a direct connection with the subject.  If you’re considering commissioning a landscape painting or portrait near you, I may be able schedule a live painting session with the subject or on your land, just get in touch.

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