• Introduction

    Hello, I'm a web developer with experience in:
    • Web Application Software Engineering
    • Interactive Data Visualization and Mapping
    • Content Management Systems like Wordpress
    • Search Indexing and Text Analysis
    • Site analytics, ab-testing, and user studies
    • E-commerce
    Languages I use include Ruby, Javascript, Python, PHP, and C# with frameworks and libraries including Rails, Meteor, React, d3, jQuery, Django, ArcGIS.js, ElasticSearch, .Net, SlimPHP, Shopify, and WordPress.   I'm looking for a part-time role in a great web company or project work, if you'd like to work with me, just send me an email at daniel.rekshan@gmail.com.
  • NORD (Non Ordinary Reality Database)

    NORD (Non Ordinary Reality Database) is the reason I got into web application design and development.  As a student of both history and psychology, I became fascinated with narratives, often journal or diary entries, about subjective and otherwise non ordinary reality experiences that people actively publish to the public web.  There are millions of dream reports and hundreds of thousands of narratives about psycho-spiritual experiences, often categorized by the author to aid future study. NORD is an beta prototype of a search index, web crawler, NLP/content analyzer, and online journal for these types of narratives.  Our mission:
    To advance the quantitative science of the collective unconscious by collecting and analyzing first person narrative accounts of non-ordinary reality experiences, such as dreams or meditations, then making them accessible through open data APIs and friendly citizen science tools.
    NORD is written in Javascript using Node.js, React/Redux, Mongodb, Express, and Elasticsearch.  I host it on a network of virtual private servers.
  • Interactive Data Visualization

    I love interactive data-visualization! In 2016/17, I served as lead developer for Community Attributes, Inc, a Seattle-based consultancy focused on data, mapping, and regional/economic analysis and reports.  I used c#, .Net, SQL, PHP, javascript, d3, and arcgis to produce interactive data visualizations, maps, and websites.
  • Freelance Web Design & Development

    During graduate school in East West Psychology at California Institute of Integral Studies, I designed and developed individual portfolio and small business websites.
    I used Wordpress, Shopify, PHP, and Javascript.  My design process began with interviews, progressed through prototyping using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, development, and deployment.
  • SF Bay Area Start Ups

    I worked at as user focused full stack engineer.  I built front- and back- end systems using Ruby and Javascript for Goodreads and Social Print Studio.  I focused on the user by ensuring usable and responsive UI and by tracking/optimizing usage through analytics.  I served as data analyst for My Brain Solutions, providing reporting based on neuro-scientific assessment web tools. At Goodreads, I developed and optimized the new user experience as we scaled from 3 to 9 million users.