Upcoming Online Dream Group

I’m building an online dream journal and dream group platform called NORD.  It gives you tools to keep an online (private when you want) dream journal that gives you advanced search and automatic categorization by place, person, or by an automatically generated analysis measure.  It uses computational content analysis to derive quantitative data you can see in your own dream journal report and compare with other sets of dreams. It makes it easy to share your dream with your group (when you want) and have discussion with your group.

If you’d like to explore online dream sharing and journaling with me, join my first online dream sharing group this summer.  The dream group will run for 5 weeks, with several scheduled video calls and online activity as it fits your schedule. It will be facilitated by me and Seyta Selter, who is NORD’s co-founder and does this sort of thing for a full-time living, so this free group is a great value.  We’ll ask for feedback and will make suggestions happen during the group. The group is limited to 8 participants, so sign up below soon if you’re interested in joining.

Sign up for Online Dream Group