I’ve built websites since the time of dial up modems.  My first website collected stories, links, and information about UFOs and Alien Encounters, which is a theme I’m addressing in my NORD project that collects and analyzes first person accounts of dreams, meditations, non-ordinary experiences.  It was written with cutting edge 90s technologies, HTML with frames and “under construction” gifs.

I’ve learned a lot since then, but I haven’t lost my fascination with the power and creativity of the web, which I apply everyday to my freelance web projects.  I typically work on a few types of projects:


I use an iterative development process, which means I deliver code you can use at every milestone.  My process generally includes:

  1. Initial consultation, which is a free and no-commitment meeting where we discuss your needs and goals, from which I’ll provide a rough estimate of project budge and timeline
  2. Definition of requirements, in which we define what needs to be built and how we’ll measure its success
  3. Scope of work and feature road-map, in which we sketch out all major features of the project and I produce a budget estimate
  4. Design and content planning, in which we establish design specifications and a plan for content
  5. Iterative development cycles, in which I build a set of features that we review to guide future development work
  6. Analytics and monitoring, in which I set up analytics to monitor our quantitative goals for the site
  7. Deployment, documentation, and training, in which we launch the site, I provide support, training, and documentation for your new system

If you’re interested in working with me, reach out on Upwork or via email (hi@danielrekshan.com) and we’ll set up a free and no-commitment consultation.

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