Hosting a Workshop or Session

I love to travel cross country with my dog and make paintings where ever the winds of destingy bring us.  In the Spring of 2017, I converted an old cargo van into a mobile studio and camper and have been traveling around the country since then.  If you’d like to make art with me, commission a live work, or discuss project work, let me know and I’ll see what I can do to make our paths cross.  

Late August – Early October 2018 Road Trip through Colorado, the Southwest, San Francisco, Seattle, and Lily Dale

You may consider hosting me and dog as I travel through the country.  People have hosted me in a variety of ways, from small visits to seasons.  I just need a safe place to park and always appreciate a hot shower or bed.  I offer a hospitality gift, often a painting, flute, or scultpure, or else introductory session to my art or psycho-spirtual practices like dream work or depth hypnosis.

If you’re interested in hosting art or psycho-spiritual workshops, then I’d love to hear from you.  I developed several offerings for individual and group sessions through my experience managing two community arts galleries, my education in East-West Psychology, and training in Depth Hypnosis.  These workshops include:

  • Plein Air Landscape Painting Introduction
  • Eco-psychology and Landscape Arts
  • Figurine Sculpture as Dream Work
  • Sound and Sight Meditations
  • Dream Sharing and Creative Expression
  • Dream Jounalling, Quantitative Analysis, and NORD (Non-Ordinary Reality Database)
  • Everyday Non-Ordinary Reality Experience, Altered States, and Spiritual Experience
  • Visual Imagery, Guided Meditation, and Core Shamanism
  • Mindfulness and Creative Practices

I’m particularly interested in serving people and communities who are undeserved by creative or psycho-spiritual practitioners.  I’m grateful to have the credentials and ability to serve by facilitating creative and transformative experience with arts, music, mindfulness, and dialog practices.  

If any of these workshops interest you, get in touch.  You’ll probably want to know what it’s about, so we’ll schedule an introductory session over video call or in person.  We’ll have a mini-session with the practice, then discuss logistics for an in-person individual or group process. I believe this work can heal, bring insights, and connect you deeper with yourself and nature, so I’m very happy to do it for you, some of your friends, or a group you’re involved with.  

I also have had extended stays at places as a house-sitter and facilities person.  I’m fairly handy, carry a variety of tools for small house and grounds projects, and have worked as a gardener’s assistant.  If you have a cabin, house, or plot of land to camp and use as a studio to support my art practices, I’m more than happy taking care of the place, doing small house projects, or tending land.

If you’re interested,

Get in touch with me