People often ask how I integrate my psychology education into my web and art practices.  I have a BA in Philosophy and the History of Math and Science, a MA in East-West Psychology, and I’m certified as a spiritual counselor in the Depth Hypnosis modality.  From a certain point of view, everything is psychological.

The web isn’t just a bunch of code, its a shared experience transmitted through metaphors and psychological tools.  I use human centered design processes, usability studies, and empathy to help my clients to build meaningful tools for their users.  

Art isn’t just paint on a surface, its an experience you bring to life with your mind.  When you look at a landscape painting and see a landscape and not just brushstrokes, you’re making a psychological and spiritual connection with place.  I use ecopsychology practices as a foundation for my all my art and I use my training as a group facilitator to help you connect with your source of creativity.

I focus on:

  • Dreams Sharing and Content Analysis
  • Ecopsychology and Expressive Arts
  • Transpersonal and Depth Psychology
  • Mindfulness and Creative Expression for Small Groups
  • Guided Imagery and Hypnosis

I’m building an online dream sharing and analysis platform and I run individual sessions and group workshops for creative or psycho-spiritual process.

If you’re interested in working with me,

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