Workshops and Sessions

I run small group workshops and individual sessions ranging from art instruction to psycho-spiritual process.  Many of my sessions can be adapted for individual sessions or small groups. I offer sessions and workshops with these themes:

  • Plein Air Landscape Painting Introduction
  • Eco-psychology and Landscape Arts
  • Figurine Sculpture as Dream Work
  • Sound and Sight Meditations
  • Dream Sharing and Creative Expression
  • Dream Jounalling, Quantitative Analysis, and NORD (Non-Ordinary Reality Database)
  • Everyday Non-Ordinary Reality Experience, Altered States, and Spiritual Experience
  • Visual Imagery, Guided Meditation, and Core Shamanism
  • Mindfulness and Creative Practices

My mission is to facilitate your psychological or spiritual growth, healing, insight, or connection.  We always start with dialog and a check-in to make sure you feel comfortable, have everything you need, and understand what will happen in the session.  I offer materials, suggestions, and invitations, which you’re always free to adapt in the session. I love to teach, so if you’re interested, we can explore the mindfulness and psychological principles at play in our sessions.

I actively ran sessions and workshops while in graduate school through my art space, The Asclepion in Oakland, CA.  I’m now exploring online sessions and traveling workshops. As a landscape painter, I live a nomadic life based out of a van converted into mobile studio. It’s in my heart to work with people who are don’t have access to mindfulness, creative, or psychological practices.  If you’d like to explore hosting a workshop, learn more here.

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