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Initial Consultation

Many of my web projects begin with a free and no-commitment consultation.  It’s generally a 15-45 minute video conversation about your project and how I might help.  My goal is to gather enough information so I can sketch out the technical solution and provide you with a budget estimate and timeline. Questions we cover include:

  • Describe your project and its goals
  • What will you look to in order to know its successful?
  • Where are you in the product development process?
  • Do you have a domain and hosting or would you like me to set those up?
  • What is your ideal timeline and budget?
  • Who will provide web copy and design/branding specifications?
  • Who will use the web product and with what devices?
  • Will the project integrate with an existing system?

If you don’t have answers to all of these, that’s fine, we’ll discuss your initial thoughts.  Some clients start with the vision of a product, but don’t yet have designs or a list of features, in this case, we’ll start with a design or product management project to produce the plans for the development project.

My initial consultation is always free and no-commitment.  My first goal as a web professional is to help your web projects success, so if you’ve benefited from the consultation, I’d consider it a success, even if you don’t work with me to develop it.  And don’t worry if you’re not quite ready to commit to your project, I’d enjoy using our consultation to brainstorm and explore possibilities.

Typical Project Process

  1. Initial consultation, which is a free and no-committment meeting where we discuss your needs and goals, from which I’ll provide a rough estimate of project budge and timeline
  2. Definition of requirements, in which we define what needs to be built and how we’ll measure its success
  3. Scope of work and feature roadmap, in which we sketch out all major features of the project and I produce a budget estimate
  4. Design and content planning, in which we establish design specifications and a plan for content
  5. Iterative development cycles, in which I build a set of features that we review to guide future development work
  6. Analytics and monitoring, in which I set up analytics to monitor our quantitative goals for the site
  7. Deployment, documentation, and training, in which we launch the site, I provide support, training, and documentation for your new system