Interactive Data Visualization

I make interactive data visualizations, maps, and portals that communicate your data story and engage your audience.  I use Javascript tools like: D3.js, many charting libraries like Chart.js, and mapping libraries like Leaflet.js or ArcGIS.js.  I have server side experience with Node.js, Ruby, Python, and C#. I often prototype my work using Tableau and used it as a Hipaa-compliant reporting solution.  I work with SQL databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, or SQL server and noSQL databases like MongoDB and DynamoDB.

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Data Visualization Portfolio

Data Visualization Background

My interest in data visualization started in college, where I studied the History of Math and Science.  When I first read the major works in the history of science, like Newton or Einstein, I was shocked that they demonstrated their new understanding through geometry, very similar to modern data visualization.  Up until this time, I had only encountered scientific law through textbook presentation primarily in formulas. Their original geometric presentation captivated my imagination and, ever since, I’ve been interested in data visualization.

I served as Lead Developer for Community Attributes, Inc in Seattle, a consultancy that has a strong practice in interactive data visualization and mapping.  I served as technical lead for projects involving our team of designers, developers, and mapping specialists. I have experience with D3, numerous charting libraries, and mapping through ArcGIS and Leaflet.

Data visualization project require skills from many different sets.  They often involve data analysis and transformation, design, database administration, and back and front end development.  Some require a custom application, while others require integration with existing systems. I’m happy to work with you to design a solution for your needs.

If you’re interested in working with me, reach out on Upwork or via email ( and we’ll set up a free and no-commitment consultation.

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