Web Presence for Small Business, Organization, or Individual

I build web presence to achieve the online goals of individuals, small businesses, and organizations. If you’re not in the web world, but want a new website or to upgrade your existing site, you’re looking for help to connect more with your customers or clients to improve your business through whatever means necessary.  I’ve talked to so many people who have paid thousands of dollars for a custom website that doesn’t do what they need, just because they hired a web developer to make a custom website instead of a professional who builds a solution to achieve your goals.

Imagine needing a simple table and you don’t know anything about how furniture is made or sold.  You might go to Ikea right away and get what you need for a very cheap price. Or, since you don’t know anything about how tables are made or sold, you might end up going to a carpenter who specializes in custom exotic wood tables, and you get an expensive modern designed table that deconstructs the notion of table and doesn’t actually satisfy your needs.

My process begins by understanding your needs.  My only agenda is to find a web solution that satisfies your need, even if it doesn’t involve custom web development work, because I know that when you’re successful on the web, I am too.  I make systems that you can maintain and edit yourself, using open-source tools like WordPress or eCommerce Platforms like Shopify that have many options for supports, and I train you to use them. I’ll work with you to define measurable goals and provide analytics tools you can use to track your site’s performance.

If you’re interested in working with me, reach out on Upwork or via email (hi@danielrekshan.com) and we’ll set up a free and no-commitment consultation.

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